Event PeriodNov. 25. 2020 (Wed) 11:00 ~ Jan. 11. 2021 (Mon) 17:00 (KST)
Include* Winter Event Head
* Exclude Face-up, Wig, Clothes, Shoes, Accessory
Notice * This is for event gift, it is not sold separately
* Exclude the Body
* Senior65 Delf "DIEZ" Elf ver. Head
* Compatible with Luts Senior65 Delf Body, Super Senior Delf Body
* The head circumference is about 8.5 inches, could fit with SDW~DW Wig.
* If you add face-up, it will have an additional payment.
* Face-up Type A can only be applied to Real Skin White
    A Type Link : 2020 Winter Event Head Face-up Type A
    B,C Type Link : 2020 Winter Event Head Face-up Type B, C
* It takes 1.5~ 2 months to be shipped. (Approx. 45 ~ 60 days, No Face-up. Include weekends and holidays)

EVENT TARGET :  Each order with a total of over $550  (Face-up is not included for the event head)
(Two orders over $550, two event heads, one order over $1100, one event head)
(Exclude the products that have already been discounted, such as Full-set, brand dolls)

How to apply : When filling out an order, please select the skin you want from the free gift selection at the top of the payment method selection.
(Event Head Skin: Real Skin White or Real Skin Normal)

1. Orders that are not eligible for the event will not be given.
2. Event Limited Head does not include Eyes, or separate Hand parts.
3. Event Limited Head will not be sold in the future.
4. Please refrain from personal transactions for this Event Limited Head.
5. Do not include the other company's dolls and the products that have already been discounted.
6. If you want Face-up, please use the Face-up products in the Face-up category.
7. The gift according to the purchase amount of one order, and we will not give the gift by adding up multiple orders.


BODY : Senior65 Delf Boy Type3 Slender (White Skin), Super Senior Delf Boy New Body (Normal Skin)
WIG : SDW-130 (Lime), SDW (Coming Soon)
CLOTHES : Not Sale
EYES : 16mm (Coming Soon), 16mm Nebula ice blue


SCULPTOR(Head) : LUTS Creative Team
SCULPTOR(Body) : Guncat
FACE UP : A: SENA / B,C: Ssoyo
PHOTO : Morris