ITEMHyaline Full Set
INCLUDEFull Set: Doll body(Special Body) , Make-up, Body Blushing, Wig, Clothes, Shoes, Eyes (14mm / Randomly Provide), Certification
Size Body Height: 43.5cm (Head Included)
Body Height: 38cm (Without Head)
Head Circumference: 16 cm
Neck Circumference: 6cm
Shoulder Width: 6.4 cm
Arm Length: 13 cm
Bust(Chest): 15.7cm
Waist : 12.8 cm
Bottom : 17.9 cm
Leg Length: 23.5 cm
Thigh size 11 cm
Calf Circumference: 7.2 cm
Foot Length: : 5.5 cm
Foot Width: : 1.6 cm
Eyes : 14 mm
*Made up with resin materials.
*The body blushing is not included
*The Head accessory in the picture is only used for sample shot and not for sale.
*Production Period : Without Make up(120 ~140 days) , Full-Set (180 ~ 200 days ) (Depending on the production procedure condition, the shipment could be delayed without notice.)
*Dark skin-colored dolls are more difficult to produce, so there may be marbling, spots, and traces. Those results do not consider damage or defective.