ITEM[Pre-order] GSDF Pianto Set
MODELGrand Senior Delf DION  
IN THE PHOTO WIG: DW-248 (Soft Blonde)
EYES: 14mm Narrow Grace Blue NO.1
INCLUDEblouse, pants, woodwork, jacket, cape, stockings x2

* It is a Pre-order item, it takes approximately 60 business days to be ship.
* Please be aware that this item can not be canceled.

* This product will be sold in advance and sold in the 2021 summer event period.

* Stockings are made of weak fabric, so they need to be careful when worn.


* The material of the item can be replaced as similar one without notice, depending on material supply condition.

* There is a possibility that dark colored clothes (ex: Jeans) may leave stain on doll’s body if it is worn for a long period.

* Please be aware that clothes may shrink, if they are washed. Also be careful that color may come out and dye other clothes.

* The color of the item in the photo can be different from the real item depending on PC or monitor setting.