ITEMSenior65 Delf Girl Body
PERIOD2021. 09. 15 (THUR) 11:00 ~ KST
INCLUDE * Doll Body, LUTS Default Box, Certificate
* Face-up, Wig, Clothes and Shoes are not included.
* Senior65 Delf Girl Body compatible with DF~SSDF Boy Head, SDF Muse Head, SDF Girl Head (in the option).
  (Impossible to compatible with the existing SDF Girl Head)
* Please select the skin type you prefer, but some skins (with higher process difficulty) need to pay additional costs.
* Available to purchase Normal Legs and Heel Legs, other types of legs can purchase in the parts category.
* This is a pre-order doll so that it is impossible to cancel or change an order after confirming the payment.
* There may be some differences in body size depending on how you measure it.