Product name Limited Time Pre-order GSDF78 Operation Green bet
Sales period 2023. 11. 30. (Thursday) 11:00~ (KST)
Configuration Beret, jacket, badge 3 types (detachable), single hanger holster, shirt, tie, pants, belt, brown gloves, turtleneck, tactical vest, military knife, single-eye lid, pistol (dark color)
Model Grand Senior 78 Delf "Ras Algeti" / Grand Senior 78 Delf Body Type 1 (Normal Skin)
For filming. WIG : Sample Wig
EYES : 14mm Narrow Siberian Blue NO 1
Shoes: GSBS 03 Black

* It is a pre-order costume that takes 2-3 months to produce.*
Please note that colored fabrics may be colored due to long-term wear or friction.

* The gloves are made of reza. (The fabric may be damaged depending on the storage condition.)
* Please understand that it is not possible to cancel it in advance as it is a custom-made product.


*Product fabrics may be changed to similar materials without additional guidance depending on supply and demand conditions.

*Some dark-colored clothes (jeans, etc.) may cause discoloration when worn for a long time.

*Please be careful as clothes may shrink when washing, and other clothes may be stained.

*The color in the picture and the actual color may vary depending on the monitor setting.