Product name Kid Delf "Bory"
Sales period 2024. 02. 21. 11:00 ~ (KST)
Configuration * Doll body, glass eyeball (random color), cotton blanket, box, certificate
* Make-up, wig, costume, shoe accessories not included, assembly complete.
Precautions * It's not a limited product.
* Please select the skin you want. Some skins with higher process difficulties incur additional costs.
* The renewed makeup version does not allow you to apply for previous makeup.
* The head circumference is about 7.2 inches, and the wig can wear KDW.

* If you would like to purchase the KID45 Delf version, you can purchase it by selecting the head option at the link below.
     - LINK: Kid45 Delf girl (head selection)
     - LINK: Kid45 Delf Boy (head selection)

* This is a custom-made product, and it is not possible to cancel the order after checking the deposit, so please place a careful order.
* Depending on the monitor, the color may look different.

Items in the image

BODY: Kid Delf Boy's Body 2 (Normal Skin), Kid Delf Girl's Body 6 Lovely ver. (Which Skin)
WIG: KDW 211 Soft Black, KDW 348 Caramel
CLOTHES: Pre-order MSD BOY2019 Nine School Brown, Pre-order MSD GIRL2019 Nine School Brown
SHOES: KDS 46 Brown
EYES : 14/6.5mm Tonight, 14/7.5mm Daybreak


SCULPTOR(Head) : Mazarine
SCULPTOR(Body) : Guncat
CLOTHES: Nine, Nine, Nine, Nine, Nine.