Product name GSDF wrist gloves red
CompatibilityRootsdol Grand Senior Delph Sonpartz
SizeWidth (straight from the tip of the thumb): Approximately 5.4 cm
Length (end of middle on wrist): Approximately 9.3 cm
MaterialSpan Reza
ModelGrand Senior Delph "Vega"


* Gloves can be torn off if pulled hard.
* When wearing gloves, you can easily wear them by inserting four fingers first and then thumbing.
* Due to the nature of gloves, they can be stretched after wearing them.
* When you put on and take off your gloves, you can get dust on your hand parts.
* In the case of painted hand parts, if gloves are frequently worn and removed, the hand paint may come off.
* Please pay attention to coloring when wearing it for a long time.
* Even for children who are compatible with the same, there may be slight differences in style depending on the size of the hand parts.
* Please consider that there may be differences in color from the actual product depending on the monitor environment.