Product name KDW 020 Mist Blue
Size 7-8 Inches
Material a high-temperature death
Compatibility Kid Delf, 7-8 Inch Head Kids from Other Companies
Model Kid Delf muse shallot

* High fever deaths tend to be more difficult than ordinary deaths.
* Wigs made of brightly colored yarns can be seen through the cap.
* Due to the nature of high heat yarn wigs, styling is free when heat is applied. Create a variety of styles.
* Due to its nature, curls develop baby hairs from the production stage. Just because there's a little bit of baby hair doesn't mean it's a defective product.
* Dark-colored wigs are likely to be colored if they are worn for a long time. (You can use a silicone head cap to reduce the risk.)
* Even for the same compatible children, there may be subtle differences in style depending on the head size.
* Please note that there may be a difference in color from the actual product depending on the monitor environment.