ITEMKid Delf Full Set - F
RELEASE PERIOD2019.10.14. 12:00 ~
INCLUDEAssembled doll, Face-up, Random glass eyes, Wig, Clothes, Shoes (All in the photo), Manual, Luts Box with two blankets, certificate card
NOTICE * This item is offered as about 10% discounted pricefrom the total.
* Please choose the head type which you want.
* The body is offered as Boy or Girl TYPE 2 (Multi body) only.
* Face-up is offered as basic face-up of the chosen head.
* Kid Delf BORY, ANI are provided as Full set limited face-up.
* This is limited item, only limited quantity is offered.
* Please choose the skin color. Available option is NORMAL / WHITE / BROWN. The rest of skin color is not available.
* This is pre-order doll so that it is impossible to cancel or change order after confirm payment.
* This item includes face-up, so it takes about 65~ 70 days to be shipped. (exclude weekends and holidays)
* Due to material supply problem, detail of accessories can be modified without notice.
* COLOR on web page could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.


WIG : KDW-33 (Sienna)
CLOTHES : KDF ROY sweat shirt (Mint)
                KDF Banding Short Pants (Pink)
                KDF Crew Socks (White)
SHOES : KDS-46 (Brown)


Designed, sculpted by LUTS ORIGINAL CREATORS TEAM.