ITEMZuzu26 Delf
INCLUDEAssembled Doll, Ear & Tail parts, Glass Eyes(Random Color) LUTS box with blanket, certificate
TARGETThe owner of LUTS Zuzu Delf Dolls.
NOTICE * * "Zuzu26 Delf New Release" During this event period, Can make order Special skin.
* * "Zuzu26 Delf ~with Special Skin~ " is not available to discount price event.
- In this event period, Can buy Zuzu Delf LIMITED Head with Zuzu26 Delf Body. (Some Limited Heads not Available)
- Zuzu26 Delf body based on Honey Delf body type 3. So Honey Delf's Clothes & Shoes can fit on Zuzu26 Delf body.
- Honey Delf Head CAN NOT fit Zuzu26 Delf body. CAN fit Zuzu Delf heads only.
- Zuzu26 Delf Heads can fit Zuzu Delf body.(Zuzu delf heads are same as Zuzu26 Delf heads)
- Each head have Ears & Tail part, Those are CAN NOT change other head's ear & tail parts.
- In RUMI include wing parts. Body inside attach the magnet.(PAY extra parts fee more)
- In option WING BLUSHING is only for RUMI.
* Please select skin type you want.
* Some skins(with higher process difficulty) will pay additional costs more.
- Other skin is not available to order(During this event period).
- 5 kinds of Face Up type A, B, C, D, & E.
- This is pre-order doll so that it is impossible to cancel or change order after confirm payment.
- It takes about 1.5~ 2 months to be shipped.
- If you add Face-Up & body-blushing, it could be taken about a month more.
- COLOR on webpage could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.


Designed, sculpted by LUTS ORIGINAL CREATORS TEAM.

* Special Skin can be applied with the 2020 Winter Event Limited Skin Rosy Brown, Terra Cotta, Bronze. 
* Photos to be released soon