ITEM[2020 Summer Event gift Wig] SDW, KDW, CDW-217 (Strawberry latte)
Order over $250 - Free limited wig event(This wig NOT FOR SALE item)
Release Period2020.05.28 11:00 ~ 2020.07.20 17:00 (KST)
TARGET Order over $250
SIZE8-9 inch(SSDF, SDF65, SDF, DF, BDF), 7-8 inch(KDF), 6-7 inch(HDF, HDF31, MDF)
MATERIAL Heat Resistant Fiber
MODELSenior65 Delf BLISS Sweety (Type3 Body Slender / Nomal skin), Kid Delf AENGDU (Type6 Body / White skin), Honey Delf MADELEINE Sweety (Type32 Body / Nomal skin)/td>

SDW-217 (Strawberry latte)

KDW-217 (Strawberry latte)

CDW-217 (Strawberry latte)


* Please understand that there might be slight difference of style depends on the size of head, even though the dolls are known as the similar size.

* Please consider that minor color differences between the image and actual product will not be regarded as damage.

* Heat resistance fiber is usually thinner than the ordinary one.

* Wig cap can be shown between/through the fibers, particularly in the case that wig is manufactured with the light colored fiber.

* When you apply the heat to the Heat resistance fiber, you can make the wig as your own style.

* Wig might be treated with chemicals, depends on the wig. But it will not be smeared to your hand or other products.

* When you put the wig on doll’s head for excessively long time (specially dark colored one), it may stain other items or doll’s body.

* Please kindly use silicon head cap to reduce this risk.