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OBITSU 11 Head - New Snow Cloud Face-up C Full Set

OBITSU 11 Head - New Snow Cloud Face-up C Full Set

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Seller Product Code SOM_OB11_SNOW_M_C
Manufacturer SOMMUNGCHI
Country of Origin KOREA
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ITME OBITSU 11 Head - New Snow Cloud Face-up C Full Set
INCLUDE MAKE UP head, Certificate, Three silicon tubes that can be used connecting the body (long ones 1 and short ones 2),OBITUS 11 BODY
IN THE PHOTO WIG : TDW 259 Soft Blond
EYEZ : 16mm Pearl-Sweety NO.49
CLOTHES : OBITSU 11 Basic Knit White, [OB11] O11)Check pleated skirt(Purple)
SIZE * Head circumference: about 5.9inch
* Wig size:TDW(5.5~6inch), CDW(6~7inch *SILICONE CAP (Size_S) Needed)
* Eye size: 14mm~16mm
*Compatible body: Obits11, Picconeemo series, Nendoroid doll body, Piccodo body, Companion human body, Cu-poche(Obitsu11 neck parts ver.)
NOTICE * The body, eyes, wigs, and costumes used in the promotional image are not included.
* The outfit is a pre-order product and will be released later.
*Face up design : ELLY
※ This is a pre-order doll so that it is impossible to cancel or change an order after confirming the payment. (2-3 months of production period)
※  If you select makeup, the production period will be added for one to two more months. Depending on the makeup artist's circumstances, the period may be added.
※ It is a product made by humans. There can be some asymmetric. air bubbles, dust, scratches, the head magnet that you can see through the surface, glue stains, parting lines, and other process marks are not the reasons for exchange/refund except for the facial part that is not covered by a wig.
※ The engagement of the head lid is not perfect. his is not the reason for exchange/refund.

◆ How to connect the head 

OBITS11▶ Using 2 short tubes

There are a total of three enclosed silicone tubes. (1 thin and long, 2 wide and short).

Small drivers are required to use the Obits11 body.

First, insert a short tube under the neck.

Take out the mushroom neck and add the long part.

Turn the screw and insert the remaining short tube underneath. finally, it will be firmly fixed without shaking.

Nendoroid doll body/Piccodo body▶ Using 1 long tubes

Piccodo body - Put the neck of the body into the neck hole of the head and cover it with a long tube.
The tube is narrower than the neck hole of the doll and elastic. it fixes well and is stronger than it looks.
The body in the picture is Piccodo (Tan).

Nendoroid doll body - Same as Piccodo case.
The body in the picture is Piccodo (Cinammon)

Picconeemo series▶


After pulling out the existing neck, insert the neck and put the head together.
If you use a short tube, it'll be fixed more tightly.
The body in the picture is Picconeemo D younger sister's body. (Picconeemo series has the same neck)

Picconeemo body which uses a long obits circle neck parts (basic configuration of the Picconeemo body) is fixed in the same way as Nendoroid doll/Piccodo. in this case, the neck looks a little longer.


It's a good way for those who feel weak in fixing their necks.

Fill about 40% of the doll's neck hole with BlueTec. The mushroom neck must pass through it, so put it in with a hole in the middle.

Prepare the neck of the Picconeemo body which can put it in and out (basic neck) and take it out in advance.

Insert the mushroom neck from the inside of the head.

After that, insert the neck of the Picconeemo body into the neck hole and insert the mushroom neck in the middle.
It is firmly fixed without shaking.

Cu-poche ▶ Using a long one

Same as Nendoroid doll/Piccodo case. but It is impossible to use a tube because of its short neck.

Cause hole and neck size are similar, It doesn't need any special fixation. 
But Putting a BlueTec around Its neck or Using long obits circle neck parts with long tubes like Nendoroid doll/Piccodo case makes more strong connecting.

Payment Information

1. PayPal (
2. Credit card (PG:Eximbay)
3. bank transfer (Please send Bank transfer fee 30USD together)
* The payment for order is confirmed once a day, in 10:00~11:00 a.m. of business day.
* It takes 1~2 business days to confirm your payment using PayPal. Bank transaction takes 1~2 weeks. Credit card payment is confirmed immediately.
* When the payment is confirmed safely, the order status would be 'Payment confirmed - order in process'.
* Payment should be sent within 7 days since order is made (including holiday), unless the order is automatically canceled.

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  • Shipping Area : Worldwide
  • Shipping Costs : International Shipping Fee
  • Shipping time : 5 - 14 days
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